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What is a Mystery Quilt?

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A mystery quilt is a new design that is introduced in tiny increments. The participants follow the designer's instructions without knowing what the final quilt will look like.

I enjoy making my mystery quilts with detailed written instructions as well as accompanying YouTube videos that give instructions on the techniques involved.They are appropriate for quilters of all abilities. 

boogie woogie

A pattern that creates movement from straight lines and makes you want to dance.

March 25 start date


Fair isle

Inspired by fair isle knitting patterns, this quilt features a twinkling center surrounded by multiple sparkling designs. 


Variations on a Melody

Set on a checkerboard background, twenty-four different variations of the center block float off the edges of this quilt. 


Walk a Mile

"Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes"

This throw-sized row quilt symbolizes multiple paths through life. 


5 Shades of Gray

Five shades of gray on white with a splash of color makes a dynamic statement. 

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